Sponsoring in Motorsport

The benefits of sponsoring in motorsport are very diverse – from having your company logo on a race car/truck/kart/bike to full hospitality. There are also huge networking opportunities and massive exposure because most races are televised.

Hospitality levels can range from tea and coffee all the way up to silver service dining for tables of up to 10 people, so when you are filtering through for your preferred driver make sure you find the right hospitality level for you.

Being part of a team is a fantastic feeling and it is even better when your team is winning. You all win together. You have played just as big a role as the driver.

But forget the personal buzz you will feel. Put your business head back on and you will have a great opportunity to network with other companies because the motorsport family brings together many different business owners and directors at race weekends through their affiliation with a team. It’s a laid-back atmosphere but there is plenty of excitement. Your company can use that atmosphere to entertain family, friends, contacts or as staff incentives.

The cost is not as much as you would think. Sponsoring in motorsport can be from as little as £250 per season, depending on the championship so it’s fantastic for new and small businesses as well as the larger budget spenders.

It all depends on your budget and the return you want from your investment. You could sponsor one round of a championship for your preferred club level or rookie driver at your local track. That could cost as little as £50 per event.

Or you might prefer your brand to be associated with a high-level or pro driver. That would cost you from around £500 per event. The options are endless, depending on your spend and your intended return.

This website is a one-stop shop for you to find the best return for your investment in motorsport. It has been designed to help your company find the right marketing tool, the right brand to be associated with and the right profile for your business. How? We have drivers from different championships at all levels offering a range of hospitality levels for all types of budgets.

It could not be more simple to join a massive business market. Just filter drivers down through your preferred criteria then contact them directly through the driver’s personal contact form.

We appreciate that motorsport may be a new venture for you and your company, but there are many companies who have made it work for them. You could be next.

If you have any questions then we are here to help.

“I have been racing for many years through sponsorship funding and have learned through my sponsor’s requests. Together we have been able to carry on racing as well as giving my sponsors a return on their investment by catering for their individual needs”

Andy Wilmot BTCC