This website has been created to help Racing Drivers do what they love; RACE. Motorsport is expensive and our aim is to give Racing Drivers the opportunity to achieve their desired budget, so they can pursue their hobby or career successfully. We hope to achieve this by creating a directory of drivers for potential sponsors to browse and contact directly, with the view of forming a mutually beneficial partnership.

We understand – first hand – the difficulty of securing sponsorship and partnership backing. It can be tremendously frustrating and time consuming to try independently to achieve the reach needed to attract enough interest and hit budget targets.

We have established a fantastic business model and have built up a great working relationship with an influential marketing company. This enables us to reach millions of business owners and marketing directors, directing them to our website and putting all registered drivers in the limelight.

This form of marketing has proved very successful for RS Hub’s founder Andy Wilmot for many years and indeed funded his own racing in the British Touring Car Championship; amongst appearances in other championships.

The sole purpose of starting this website is to help as many drivers as possible obtain the budget required to pursue their passion for motorsport. There is not enough help out there and I want to make a difference.

Andy Wilmot, RS Hub Founder

How It Works

Drivers register to the site and upload their profile details along with their Racing CV. Drivers can then log in and update their profile at any time.

Drivers choose what type of Racing they are involved in and also choose their experience level. Experience levels range from rookie to pro and the monthly subscription is priced accordingly. The higher the experience, the higher the subscription. It does not mean that if you have little or no experience you won’t get sponsored; it means the amount of sponsorship you would be aiming for is more likely be less, hence why less experienced drivers have a lower subscription.

The Driver has a choice when registering if he/she wants to be sponsored per race or for a full championship. This is an option for sponsors to filter when they start their search.

When a sponsor enters the website, they are able to filter search results to choose their preferred driver and championship. For the sponsor, this experience does not come with a ‘hard sell’. Being limited to one driver and a specific championship can lead to scare the sponsor away. The idea is to create freedom of choice and attract more businesses into motorsport.

We send a significant number of emails per week, every week, to generate interest and direct traffic to the website creating these sponsorship opportunities for the registered drivers. We also cover many other marketing strategies to maximise interest.